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More Testimonials

  • From Tom and Denise

    Well Joey, we just dropped off the old home gym contraption at Goodwill, and Denise is about to place our order for the SCULPTAFIT Personal Model, as I’m writing you this email

    As life-long fitness people, we’ve seen and tried just about everything out there. The last home gym system we bought, we actually thought would be our last, but we were mistaken.

    It took me almost a whole weekend to put together and it took up so much darn space. The ads never really truly tell you how tedious it is to assemble those things and then using them is even more complicated than building them.

    We found it was not user friendly like they show in the edited commercials and it just became a pain in the neck to get motivated to exercise because the dang machine had so many moving parts and pulleys, let alone knowing how to actually train properly.

    We each have old injuries and limitations (knee, back, shoulder), but we still have fitness goals and a desire to stay vibrant. We just felt like the old machine was working against us both physically and mentally.

    Anyway, we are so glad we were able to stop by the Studio when we came to visit our daughter and son-in-law in Saint Johns last month. It was so great to meet you and to try the SCULPTAFIT in person.

    As we told you that day, we knew right away that it was a perfect solution for us and we’d be buying one in September. And here we are doing it now, lol.

    We’re excited about this low-impact machine and method you’ve designed and your personal results speak volumes for themselves. We appreciate all you share and how you calmly inspire all of us to work smarter and safer instead of harder and riskier.

    Well done to you and the team you have there.

    Stay tuned for that “old guy” success story I’ll be sending you, my friend. This is just the start!

    Blessings, Tom and Denise, Atlanta, Georgia

  • From Lisa and Mike

    Joey, first a major congratulations for finally releasing your most prized creation into the world.

    Mike and I have been watching the entire journey ever since we found you on youtube back in 2006 and bought your very first dvds the same day we discovered you.

    We are now in our early 60’s and with being able to watch the entire story unfold before our very eyes as you’ve shared openly every step of the way via your blogs, your podcast and your candid youtube videos, we are so excited that we’ve been able to learn so much from you and now, finally, we can invest in our very own SCULPTAFIT Home-Gym System.

    In many ways this is as special for us as it is for you. It’s been quite the show to see you build something that never existed and turn it into something that so many people are benefiting from now.

    As an engineer, Mike has always believed the best innovations are based in simplification instead of complication, and it’s obvious that you’ve done exactly that with the SCULPTAFIT System.

    We both have lots we want to do in life and still have goals to achieve, we feel so blessed that your gentle fitness training system is going to give us the strength, health and capabilities to do all that we want to do over the next few decades.

    We will anxiously await the arrival of our shipment like 2 kids waiting for Christmas morning!

    And we are eagerly looking forward to the Private Video Personal Training Library. This is such a critical part of the home fitness equation that is missing from the home-gym marketplace. You are spot on with this as it is going to set you apart in a powerful way. We are so looking forward to having the continuous instruction and the connection to a community of like-minded people around the world who are on the same path with your system and methods.

    Wishing you the very best,

    Lisa and Mike from Chicago

  • From Lauren Z., Certified Personal Trainer, Private Health Coach

    Hey Joey, just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how incredible the Pro Model has been for me and my clients.

    In short, this has been a total life-changer for me because I’ve been able to leave the fitness center and create my own fitness training and coaching business right at my house. I’m working less and making more - while taking even better care of my clients with your unique methodology.

    The fact that the SCULPTAFIT System fits in the corner of a room means that I have everything I need to train so many different types of clients.

    This is a HUGE advantage over other local trainers in the area. My clients are making amazing progress and are constantly referring friends and co-workers.

    I already have 3 clients (the ones I told you about on the phone) who will be purchasing the Personal Model so they can train at home when they can’t get into my schedule.

    I also love that I can do my personal workouts right here and be done in less than 30 minutes, without all the gym nonsense I used to have to deal with. I love the improvements I’m seeing, btw.

    Life is good and you deserve to know that you are a genius for focusing on bringing a safe, low-impact method to the world of fitness. There are so many people who need this style of exercise for all the health benefits that lend to a high quality of life and prevention of so many diseases and premature aging.

    The fitness industry is so ripe for true innovation in order to reach the bigger populations out there who need better options, and you are living that out.

    Thank you so much for what you have built and the effort you’ve put forth in bringing it out into the world. I feel this is only the beginning of something very special.

    In best health and prosperity,

    Lauren, CPT, M.S. - Owner of Fit Lifestyle Coaching

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