The Story

How I Discovered the Easiest & Gentlest Path to Optimum Health, Balanced Strength & Sustainable Fitness

And How I Realized Excess Body-Fat, Deflated Muscles, Weak Bones, No Energy and Dangerous Vital Signs Can All Be Improved - at ANY AGE

The undeniable TRUTH is that we can have all the improvements and benefits, you just need a smart and simple approach to daily fitness...

  • But we all know how time-consuming and confusing "common fitness & fat-loss plans" can be
  • Surgery, injections, pills and fad-diets never worked the way you hoped
  • Traditional Hardcore workout routines are so painful & too risky
  • Mass-market High-intensity exercise programs are grueling and torturous
  • Hyped-up high-impact workouts leave you feeling beat-up, and "hating to exercise", causing you to quit
  • Going to the gym requires precious travel time and dealing with crowds & odd characters
  • And regular home-gyms are complicated, uncomfortable, take up too much space, too much assembly time and no professional "How To" guidance.

In fact, one of the biggest problems our society is facing is the false notion that aggressive, competitive and dangerous workout routines are supposed to be good for you.

As an exercise physiologist - I can tell you nothing can be further from the truth. Beating up your body is not the way to drop the excess fat and flab.

"Don't grind your joints - be KIND to your joints."

You see, the smartest orthopedists, physical therapists and chiropractors are setting up offices near, or in, many of these hardcore workout locations, because of all the injuries and physical dysfunctions that occur when people try these aggressive and dangerous approaches to getting in shape.

They have an automatic, built-in load of patients IN PAIN with recurring, chronic injuries - and they're making a killing from those injured people. BRILLIANT!

Now, while the "beast mode", no pain - no gain, high-speed dance-class approaches to mass market workouts are a "no no" for us smart folks - we are wise enough to know we still need to tend to optimizing our personal health and fitness.

We still need to take care of ourselves. Nobody else can do this for us. We are our own responsibility...

Truth be told, burning off excess weight and deadly body-fat DOES NOT have to be hard or painful, and it doesn't have to be unrealistic or dysfunctional. It can be GENTLE, yet WILDLY effective.

We can make stunning and definite changes to our body with a simpler approach and an easier way.

It's no secret anymore. Heart disease, obesity, fatty-liver disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis and a list of other deadly life-killers are all fueled and/or triggered by a sedentary, inactive lifestyle.

There's no shortage of research studies proving this, and the overwhelming proof keeps mounting.

But with proper & smart exercise - the type of exercise that actually HELPS the body, the brain and the spirit, these lifestyle diseases can be reduced dramatically, often prevented:

- with proper physical movement form

- smart training & stimulation of the whole body

- in a simple, natural and enjoyable way

I learned this both on a personal level and academically.

I've lived through several major peaks and valleys in my life.

Even with a Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology, I managed to do things the hard & brutal way - until I had no choice but to find an easier way.

You can say, I've lived in your shoes in some way. But, with my unique background and dedication to my calling - I also had the power and the knowledge to "change the game". So, I did.

This idea for this unique all-in-one solution all started about 11 years ago. Early 2007.

As a lifetime fitness coach and pro trainer - plus someone who values personal health and well-being. I came to a phase in life where "staying on track" became impossible, if not totally unrealistic.

The days of spending 90 minutes in the gym, beating my body up with hardcore workouts, uncomfortable stack machines and joint-grinding weight-lifting exercises were no longer fitting my life, nor was it helping me reach levels of better health, energy and fitness.

It was doing the opposite. It was dysfunctional. So I needed to create a better way to stay fit, strong, healthy and happy.

Easier, gentler, simpler, far less time-consuming, and EFFECTIVE had to be part of the new method.

So, in leaving "the gym scene" behind and quitting the grueling, body-bashing, high-intensity workouts, I began to focus on natural, low-impact, body-weight movements - and creating training programs to do on the various local playgrounds.

The "natural workouts" on the playgrounds were working very well. And my clients were noticing it. Some wanted to only train outdoors on the playgrounds, whenever weather permitted.

bodyweight home gym origins started on playground

Joey and Client In Total-Body Playground Fitness Sessions

Our training sessions got much shorter, aches and pains from "the old common workouts" were going away. Amazing results were showing. Our bodies were feeling awesome.

The natural design of the playgrounds allowed for endless body movements, hand-gripping points, foot placements, torso angles -  that were all very natural to the musculoskeletal system.

The unique aspects of each playground offered a wide array of variations for body positioning, joint movements, and functional fitness training that positively enhanced performance in "real life" activities, such as:

Our energy and enthusiasm for "sticking with it" just kept going higher and higher...

We all knew I was onto something...

Then came the BIG idea, and 'challenge', of creating an all-in-one compact gym unit that would allow us to do everything I was doing on the playgrounds in the privacy of my own home, no matter what the weather outside was, or what the temperature was.

So I began to put pen to paper and draw variations of what "this thing" would look like if it actually existed...

Early Concept Drawings of the SCULPTAFIT All-In-One Fitness System
Early Concept Drawings of the SCULPTAFIT All-In-One Fitness System

I took my sketches, my visions and my innovative idea to a local design engineering firm here in Jacksonville, FL - and, with some ingenuity, they helped make it into a "real model"...

Original 3-D design of version 1.0
Original 3-D design of version 1.0

We then located a steel fabrication company in Pennsylvania to build the SCULPTAFIT Version 1.0 from the design plans we created.

The Original SCULPTAFIT All-In-One prototype Version 1.0
The Original SCULPTAFIT All-In-One prototype Version 1.0

What's crazy is that I had NO MONEY to be doing any of this...

I had just come through Divorce #1, and was technically homeless for 1 year and 4 months. I had to live in the massage room of my personal training studio until I could get back on my feet and recover from one of the most brutal and trying times of my life.

On the weekends that I had my two young ones - I would get a hotel room and spend time with them. It wasn't easy. At all.

But I made it through - and still knew this vision had to move forward, it had to become a reality because of the benefits it would bring to me, my kids, my clients, and eventually the world...

And I also remember a vivid, and pivotal, conversation I had with my grandmother just days before she passed away...

"The Conversation with Nonna" (during a very tough time of my life; Look at my puffy face, swollen knees and ZERO muscle tone.)
"The Conversation with Nonna" (during a very tough time of my life; Look at my puffy face, swollen knees and ZERO muscle tone.)

I asked her; "Why did you and Grandpa take the scary risk of moving the family from Italy to America, with hardly any money and just a few suitcases of clothes?"

She said (in Italian); "We wanted to make sure all you grandchildren would have a chance to pursue your dreams and find success by becoming your best and sharing it with the world. We knew America would be the best place for you and the other grandchildren to set your goals and reach them - so we had to take the chance and have faith that it would all work out."

That profound conversation has ALWAYS stuck with me - it has always fueled the internal flame that kept me pushing through the darkest times and most challenging moments.

So, upon reflecting deeply on that conversation - I decided to "find a way" to do this, to make it happen.

I took a big chance on myself, and in early 2009 I opened up a few risky credit cards to pay for the engineering work and the first prototype, version 1.0.

Keep in mind, it's 2009 and I'm in rocky, dysfunctional marriage #2 that is heading for my 2nd painful divorce - one that would put me into deeper financial straights and would test my spirit & personal limits in all regards.

But I pressed on. Knowing that this creation was part of my calling and the way that I would help many people in this world.

I didn't just risk everything I had. I risked even more than that.

But I got it done. In August of 2009 I got the first one built! Version 1.0 was ALIVE!!

Here's a photo of me training on the SCULPTAFIT Version 1.0 about 9 years ago:

9 Years Ago: Joey Training on SCULPTAFIT Version 1.0
9 Years Ago: Joey Training on SCULPTAFIT Version 1.0

As you can see comparing the old photo above to the recent photo below - I've come a long way in 10 years.

And in those 10 years, the machine has also evolved, developed and improved - reaching its current state of optimum form and function.

Keep in mind, while societal fads and trends will continue to come and go - your SCULPTAFIT all-in-one provides you will a timeless solution that will adjust & adapt to, and with, your progressive needs at various stages of life, NO MATTER what your goals and objectives for health & fitness become.

Now, this is what we want to share with you. Far superior results with a super-simple method and uncomplicated "way".

The ULTIMATE All-In-One Gym System & Fitness Method for the Whole Family

"Better With Age" - Joey @ 48yo, Finishing a 22-Minute Abs/Core Session
"Better With Age" - Joey @ 48yo, Finishing a 22-Minute Abs/Core Session

Who Is This For?

This is for everyone in the family:

  • Dads/Men who want to get into fantastic shape, be their best in life and stay healthy for their families (just like Joey). As busy men, our time is limited and precious. So every minute we can cut off our fitness time makes it WAY more likely we will do it and succeed.

  • Moms/Women who want to "get it all back", regain their wellness and their firm & healthy body - and feel great about themselves again. Hormones get out of control. Gravity pulls everything down and we also lose that energy we used to have. This is your way to REVERSE all that.

  • Teens who need to start exercising properly to reverse/prevent weight-gain and any associated diseases (diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, depression, etc...) Teen years are the best opportunity to create a healthy lifestyle foundation and avoid the pains and issues of most adults. This is the way to create that foundation of healthy habits.

  • Athletes who want to play their absolute best through sport-specific performance improvement programs. Functional conditioning is the key to optimum performance. Regular gym workout routines are actually counterproductive to the needs of athletes. This is where you can separate yourself from the competition and unleash your super powers.

  • Baby-Boomers who need a real, true and effective anti-aging solution, to rebuild strength, improve balance, enhance mental acuity, increase bone-density, optimize metabolism, boost mood, MOJO and regain physical abilities so you can enjoy life!!

  • Fitness Professionals and Private Personal Trainers who need a space efficient training business solution, designed to accommodate various populations with optimum versatility to serve specific types of clients, each with unique needs and goals.

  • Physical Therapists and Chiropractors who need to extend their care continuum to include transitional fitness programming for their patients. This all-in-one solution can fit into almost any office and provide the "rehab to post-rehab" part of your patient optimization equation, WITHOUT having to invest in old-fashioned equipment, heavy weights and multiple machines that are outdated.

There are HUNDREDS of exercises, modifications and variations that can be done on the SCULPTAFIT All-In-One System. Which means it benefits EVERY type of user, no matter what your current levels are, or what your personal goals are.

But you'll NEVER have to "guess" at what you are supposed to do. Because we will be guiding you on EVERY step of your amazing health and fitness journey.

YOU will have me and my Team as YOUR World-Class personal trainers and trusty fitness coaches via the Private Client Video Training Center.

Here's how it all works:

Live and On-Demand 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions for the Whole Family

From any device, you’ll have convenient access to 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions streamed to you live or on demand from the ever-growing Video Training Center.

Joey Following a SCULPTAFIT 1-on-1 Personal Training Session Video On a Tablet
Joey Following a SCULPTAFIT 1-on-1 Personal Training Session Video On a Tablet

Choose your favorite SCULPTAFIT Certified Coach, specific training session type to match your goals, and just follow along as instructed, with ZERO guesswork.

Most personal training sessions will be filmed at The SCULPTAFIT Studio in Saint Johns, Florida and new, on-demand training sessions and exercise programs are added to your private Video Training Center each month.

You'll have continuous access to the best fitness programs and endless variety for reaching your goals and keeping them forever.

Your personal success and improvements are our primary mission, so even when you travel, you’ll have access to your “Travel Trainer” Series of training sessions so you never miss a beat and are easily able to “stick with it” even when on the road. 

[IMAGE HERE] By 2019 You'll Also Have Us on Your Roku, Apple TV, etc...

And when you travel, we have you covered, because you'll have "Hotel Sessions", "Playground Sessions", "Beach Sessions" to keep you on track, plus a few other surprises we'll be sharing in the future :-)

Never wonder what you should be doing again.

Complicated workout programs are a burden, they’re extremely confusing, they're dangerous and they're unrealistic. They make you want to quit and go do something else. And you end up “workout hopping". Never finding “your thing”.

Or you simply "throw in the towel" and just give up.

Until now that is. There's no need to give up this time.

The SCULPTAFIT Method of Fitness Training for Optimized Health & High Quality of Life 

In order to ensure you get the best guidance, clearest ongoing coaching & support and latest program variations and progressions - Joey Atlas and the SCULPTAFIT Coaching Team will be bringing you their best training sessions right from the SCULPTAFIT Studio in Saint Johns, Florida.

As an essential part of our 2018 Launch Campaign, we are giving all supporters a chance to get all live, and “on-demand”, video personal training sessions at the Solo Client rate of $28/month (Pre-Holiday Special), instead of the regular Family Fitness Total-Access rate of $58/month

And as an added benefit you'll be first to get access to the streaming web-enabled TV version of the SCULPTAFIT Private Client Personal Training Video Center ALL AT THE SAME Special rate of just $28/month (you won't pay extra when we add new features, even when we raise the rates for new clients in the future).

In other words, these extras will be added, but you won't pay anything extra. This is our way of saying "THANK YOU for being an early FOUNDER!"

SWEET NOTE: your total access Video Training Center will open in November 2018 and you'll be able to access it, get familiar with it and start using some of the extras and bonuses that we will heave ready for you - before your SCULPTAFIT Home Gym & Family Fitness System even arrives.

World-Class Personal Training Session Videos Guiding You EVERY Step of the Way; with New Video Sessions Added Every Month
World-Class Personal Training Session Videos Guiding You EVERY Step of the Way; with New Video Sessions Added Every Month

You’ll have access to the complete video library of programs, plus all new ones added each month - and these will be accessible from each of your preferred devices, such as a tablet, laptop, desktop, smartphone, and eventually a web-enabled TV if you have one. (Roku, Apple TV, etc... )

Again, ALL family members will have access to all programs, so each person in the family can strive toward their goals, no matter what they are, and no matter how those goals and needs change in the future. WE WILL BE THERE FOR EACH OF YOU.

While the All-In-One Home-Gym system is in a unique class all by itself - we know the critical key to success is having the right guidance, from the right experts, delivered the right way.

And we have crafted a truly innovative recipe that places top priority on your results, both for the short term and more importantly, the long.

ADDITIONALLY, you also have complete access to our “SCULPTAFIT Travel Trainer” exercise programs and fitness training sessions for when you go on the road for business, vacation, visiting family, etc - so you NEVER miss a beat and you are “sticking with it” even when away from home.

Even When You Travel, We Still Have You Covered and ON TRACK
Even When You Travel, We Still Have You Covered and ON TRACK

You can be logged into the private training portal, accessing your videos - while someone at home can also be logged in using another video training session - simultaneously.

PLUS, you’ll also have private video access to our amazing fitness & fat-loss recipe videos, mini-seminars, food-store tutorials, priceless Q&A sessions, plus mindset coaching sessions and LOTS more.

We are putting just as much thought, planning and care into the Video Training Center membership as we have with the SCULTPAFIT All-In-One Home-Gym System. In essence, they are one. The machine is the "what" and the monthly video training sessions and are the "how".

We know most people want the lifetime benefits of the SCULPTAFIT Video Personal Training Center membership and all the value that comes with it, so we’ve included all the details above so you can see everything we are putting into this “movement”.

When Smart Health Professionals Talk, People Listen:

Dr Kris Sanchack

Domenick Gennusa

Westchester, NY / Greenwich, CT

  • Transitional Fitness Specialist
  • Rehabilitative Fitness Therapist

Big Advantages of the SCULPTAFIT All-In-One Home-Gym versus "all the others":

Only a Little Space Needed

Unlike most other home gym packages that cram 30 clunky machines into one big contraption and take up an entire room, the SCULPTAFIT Unit fits into a 4 foot by 4.5 foot square space. Because of it's unique design and simple versatility, it literally fits in the corner of a room.

Lightening-Fast Assembly Time

While most other common and traditional gym units take hours, sometimes a few days to assemble - your SCULPTAFIT All-In-One only takes 15 minutes to assemble (see video below). Just make sure you have a helper and you'll be done in a snap.

Lifetime Warranty (NO Other Home Gyms Offer That)

Since this is a commercial grade product, designed to be "used" a lot. You can feel confident knowing your home fitness solution carries a lifetime warranty on all steel, and steel components.

NO OTHER home-gym carries a lifetime warranty, because they have too many pieces, parts, plastic and things that can break.

For the Whole Family

Do you know of any other home gym system that can serve the entire family and give life-changing results? Neither do we. And this is by design. We created the SCULPTAFIT "All-In-One" to be the complete fitness solution for your whole household. Priceless.

Modern, Proprietary and Innovative

We've re-invented "the process of fitness" and had to simplify the "home gym" in order to allow for our progressive and modern methods to be done.

Common and regular home gyms are based on the old, traditional approaches to working out it in fitness centers.

They try to put all the machines and weight bench exercises into one complicated pile of metal, pulleys, cables and weight stacks. This outdated approach has kept the "dinosaur machines" alive. But not for long :-)

Ongoing World-Class Coaching and Unmatched Guidance

You'll have "Private Client Access" to our proprietary Video Training Center so you and your family have us as your personal trainers and fitness coaches guiding you each step of the way on your personal fitness journey.

It's like having the BEST personal trainers in the world, for a tiny fraction of the cost. This benefits you and your family in the most profound ways.

Each month we will produce new videos on the Studio, and sometimes at various travel locations, so you have an ever-growing library of endless health and fitness training options that you'll be able to follow for life.

You'll also have access to exclusive "clients only" bonus material such as nutrition videos, healthy cooking demos, food-store food tours, plus lots more.


No wheels on rails, no pulley and cable contraptions, no weight stacks with pins, no flimsy sheet-metal and no plastic pieces.

Your SCULPTAFIT Unit is an elegant, yet simplified design, with minimal parts and pieces, made from heavy duty commercial grade steel that will stand the test of time, with day after day of consistent use.

"Wise Simplification Is the Ultimate Sophistication..."

VIP Status and Priority Invites to Live Events and Immersion Experiences

No "movement" is complete with the element of community and physical connection. As humans we need this and we thrive with it. As a VIP Founder Backer you'll have priority options on all Immersion Experiences and Live Events.

New "PRO" Model Color-Combo Released for The 2018 Launch Campaign

Founders Model Special Color-Combo, Specs. & Dimensions
Founders Model Special Color-Combo, Specs. & Dimensions

Bonus => Your Home-Gym Also Doubles as a Stand-Up Productivity Desk Station

Meet The Production Team:

The SCULPTAFIT System Production Team "MADE in the USA" (Minnesota)
The SCULPTAFIT System Production Team "MADE in the USA" (Minnesota)

The Amazing Production Facility

The Professional Grade Production Facility in Minnesota, USA
The Professional Grade Production Facility in Minnesota, USA

"PRO" Model Size, Specs and Other Key Pieces of Info:

Assembly Time: only 15 minutes (2 people required)

Max Height of User: 6 ft 4 inches

Max Weight of User: 350 LBS

11 Gauge Steel and 3/8 inch plate steel combo construction. Built for Commercial/Club grade standards. Made to last several lifetimes. (hand it down to your Grand-kids in the will.)

Height: 84 inches

Footprint: 44 inches wide (side to side) X 49 inches deep (front to back)

Total weight of "PRO" model unit with all attachments: About 245 lbs

LIFETIME Structural WARRANTY on all steel components: The main units and steel attachments (excludes paint, hybrid bench/mat padding and upholstery & resistance bands and any rubber)

Solid, Stable and Sturdy

Over 500 LBS Hanging from the Patent Pending ATLAS "AV" Bars
Over 500 LBS Hanging from the Patent Pending ATLAS "AV" Bars


Most people backing this project are "Personal / Home" clients. But there are Trainers and Fitness Pros who are also backing it.

If you happen to be a professional, backing with intentions of using your SCULPTAFIT All-In-One Gym System for Business/Commercial purposes, that is AWESOME, because the more people you help locally the more we know the Method & System is growing and impacting the world.

So, you’ll be invited to participate in our profitable and powerful, SCULPTAFIT Pro-Business Partner Program to ensure we have all legal and regulatory aspects covered for you.

This will also allow us to help you reach higher levels of success in your local market, while staying in tune with the method and the unique approach that will differentiate you in your local area.

As part of the SCULPTAFIT Pro-Business Partner Program (when you pledge to back “The Wealthy Trainer” level) you will gain an exclusive license to position yourself in your local marketplace as a SCULPTAFIT Approved Fitness Pro/Trainer.

With this license you will have the rights to use the trademarks, logo, key differentiating terminology (LIIT, Asymmetrical Variance, Low-Impact Interval Training, ) in your marketing campaigns and messaging.

You will have access to all materials included in the Family Fitness Total-Access Plan, PLUS an entire suite of materials for building your profitable fitness business, while separating yourself from the common pack of fitness instructors on the regular market.

This complete licensing and business support package will eventually be a $278/month program. But as a Kickstarter Pro Partner, you’ll be able to get in early for only $168/month and as a Kickstarter supporting partner - you will be guaranteed that rate for life, no matter how much we raise it in the the future.

Is the SCULPTAFIT "All-In-One" Made in the USA?

Yes - "MADE in the USA"!

The SCULPTAFIT Gym System Is "MADE in the USA"
The SCULPTAFIT Gym System Is "MADE in the USA"

 The Stunning "15-Minute" Assembly Video

We had the idea to do a "faster" time-lapse style video for the assembly, but one of our friends and early founder backers said; "I would just leave it, because there are people who will want to see the assembly in real-time and any other who want it faster can just skip ahead using the play-bar control toward the bottom of the video...


This is the real deal. It already exists and it has been proven in various high-use installations.

This “Pro” model design we are launching with is an evolution of over 10 years of heavy-duty use, refining, improving and fine-tuning.

It is now ready for the world…

Our Minnesota, USA-based manufacturing partners have been in business for over 65 years and have a proven track record of building the highest quality products for the most discerning customers and the most demanding usage environments.